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Pakistani Artisans

Wool Rayon Gloves

These Gloves Come In A Variety Of Colors And Patterns. We Choose For You!

Hippie clothes. Bohemian clothing. Artsy clothing for expressive people These are traditional knit gloves handmade by artisans in Pakistan. They are made of a WOOL and RAYON blend, ultra soft and warm. Very comfy. The addition of rayon to the wool cuts down on the itch some people experience with wool.These gloves are so charming with their handmade look and cozy feel. You will wish you knit them yourself! Because these gloves are handmade in Pakistan there are inconsistencies common with all handmade items. These imperfections only add to the charm of wearing hand-knit clothing. These gloves are made of recycled materials and as such there might be discolorations and or dye residue on the yarn or irregularities to the weave common of recycled fabrics. Sometimes the colors of one pair of these gloves may differ slightly than the other. For example, one glove may contain a few rows of one color that the other does not, or the background color may be slightly different in weave and color in both gloves. This is because they are made of recycled materials and the yarns are all different. Also these gloves are hand-tied and therefor there are knots in the gloves where new yarn is added. These knots can be slipped under to hide them. If you have sensitive hands these knots could bother you. Please be aware of this when making a decision to buy. These gloves are NOT like getting something factory made in the US. Because of the handmade nature of these items, size varies. The measurements here represent an average measure of this item. Please keep this in mind when ordering. Check the measurements below.

Glove Measurements

  Length = 8-9 inches

Width = 4-4.5 inches


Unless otherwise stated glove measurements are taken  flat unstretched and NOT doubled.


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by Sydney Shakelton
on 1/9/2020
Absolutely love these gloves!
My mother has had a pair of these gloves for about 30 years, since she was in high school. Her pair ripped, so I was trying my best to find a pair that matched the ones she had: red and black ones. I was disappointed to find that I couldn’t choose the color that I wanted, but it is hard to find the exactly color and design you want because these gloves are made very uniquely. So I ordered 5 of them and put in a shipping note basically begging for them to include a red and black pair. I received a package from them about 2 days later, and sure enough there was a red and black pair along with other pairs with various beautiful colors. I was very very happy to be able to give my moms these pair of gloves that’s she’s been wanting for Christmas. I recommend these gloves!! They’re very cozy and keep your hands nice and toasty :)
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